Gulls of the World

Lesser Black-backed Gull, juvenile//

Gulls of the World, a group on Flickr.

Illustrations for the species factsheets will be picked  from the high-quality pictures from the Gulls of the World-pool at Flickr. Search the pool for pictures of most of the world’s gull species in different plumages.


3 thoughts on “Gulls of the World

  1. Hi Frode,
    My name is Ellen Coup and I’m a Artist / Muralist working in Wellington New Zealand. I have a client who wants some birds, painted on cut-out pieces of ply-wood, to be attached to their fence.
    I would like to reference an image you have on your site of a Black backed gull coming in for a landing, in the execution of this job.
    Would that be ok with you?

    Ellen Coup

      • Hi Frode,
        No problem, realised after I sent it that possibly not the best way to contact you. It was the ‘landing black-backed gull’, by Lazsyboy photography, 3 squares from the left & 3 squares down in the montage above.
        Didn’t hear back so I didn’t use it.



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